Core Activities

  Banking Law
  Capital Markets Law
  National and International Law of Contracts
    Banking Law
    Using our banking expertise, we can advise you in all areas of Corporate Law,
including Banking and Rating Law. In cooperation with your bank, we assist you
in gaining equitable rating for your company. You may wish to seek our assistance
before you begin negotiations with your bank.
    Capital Markets Law
    Capital Markets Law is an important issue for almost every company’s
corporate governance. It is crucial for the survival of corporate and individual
properties today. Get our legal help and advice to check your investment
decisions i.e. for shares, bonds or other securities before placing orders.
We are able to assist you from the beginning of the investment process to its
    National and International Law of Contracts
    Get your individually tailored contract for investments in Germany and/or Europe.
We negotiate and draft for you - from the first meeting with your business
partner to the final closing of contract. We assist in establishing a limited (GmbH)
or Public (AG) Company and in preparing all types of agreements for relations
within the Company (i.e. Employment) and with its customers (i.e. Standard Conditions
of Business). Also for you as a private client, we have the equitable solution for
your investment and contract needs.

Consulting Advice and Litigation

    We offer out-of-court consultation, and, if necessary, are prepared to take
    your matter to court or to defend your interest against unjustified claims
    towards you or your company both in and out of court.
    Please mind to remember: Avoid Litigation and Save your Peace of Mind.

    Upon request, we will be delighted
    to recommend other legal services and activities of the firm.